LEDbow Identity

LEDbow LEDbow největší výrobce LED
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LEDbow identity

LEDbow - “the best as standard”

  • LEDbow

  • LEDhouse

  • LEDhome

  • Brand of led displays

    symbol of display

  • Showroom for all brands

    symbol of LED

  • Brand of led lighting

    symbol of bulb


All three logos are based on a common symbol. We took our inspiration from an LED panel and made a cross-section of 4 diodes turned by 45°.

  • Shape stroke
  • LEDbow display

  • Final icon
  • LEDhouse LEDs

  • Final icon
  • LEDbow LED lighting

  • Final icon


Each of the three brands has its own color palette. The primary color is always complemented by darked background color.


Firstly we created the main heading “LED”, which appears in all logotypes. We selected Clio XS as our primary type, used for all brand names.

Logo usage

Architecture of the logotype allows for comfortable use in variety of creative projects - web applications, products and printed materials.